Sequoia Arena Fund

The Metropolitan Horsemen's Associated leases Sequoia Arena from the City of Oakland, and we maintain it at our own expense. Your donations help us with routine maintenance as well and major projects, such as the 2011 fence renovation and the 2013 reconstruction of the announcer's booth.

Announcer's Booth Reconstruction: 2013

In March of 2012, a storm brought down a tree at Sequoia Arena, badly damaging the announcer's booth and a section of the recently renovated fence. When the mess was cleared away, what was left was the wooden platform that had been the floor of the announcer's booth.

For the 2012 and 2013 show seasons, MHA made do without an announcer's booth. Various types of temporary shelters were set up over the remaining wood platform, which served the purpose of shading the announcer and the judge, but a more elegant—and permanent—solution was needed.

Thanks to long-time MHA members Judi and Peter Bank, MHA was able to build a new announcer's booth that is superior to the one that was damaged in the storm. The Banks enlisted a small army of skilled volunteers to execute Judi's vision of what the new announcer's booth should be. Also thanks to the Banks, we have a photographic record of the project.

MHA thanks Judi and Peter Bank and everyone who contributed their time and skills to this project. We also thank all of you who have contributed to the Arena Fund over the years. Without you, this project would not have been possible.

The damage
April 2012: The damage
The damage
October 25, 2013: Getting Started
October 25, 2013: Getting Started
Gigi's Crew
Gigi's crew digging post holes

Framing begins

December 18, 2013—finished!

The Directors

Pete Bank
Judi Bank
Gigi Lorick

The Cast

Martin Bleney (Gigi Lorick)
Mike (Gigi Lorick)
Mark Nelson
Kim Abbott
John Lipscomb
Per Brasher
Marvin McLarty

Supporting Cast

Morris Older
David Otay
Rachel Royce
Melanie Diamond
Amelia Marshall
Allan Imler

Sequoia Arena groundbreaking, 1948

Sequoia Arena, 1962

sequoia 2009
Sequoia Arena, 2009